My name is Yaron Budowski – a geek/hacker. I’ve been freelancing since 2009 and have co-founded several startups in the last few years. All of them failed.

This blog tells the story of my retirement: After the last startup failed, I came to an understanding that I’m currently doing startups so I could have enough money for my bucket list – but accomplishing it doesn’t actually require that much money (or none at all).

Most of my posts will revolve around lifestyle design, startups and freelancing.

I’d love to hear your feedback as I go through this journey, and if you feel like it, you can drop me a line here.

Note: This blog uses Amazon affiliate links sporadically – where I recommend products that are useful for me as a digital nomad / remote freelance worker. Every time you purchase a product on Amazon, after clicking on one of those links, I get a commission.

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