Hit The Road

End of August.

Sell my car and most of my possessions. Leave the apartment.

Go to Burning Man.

Rent a car and travel coast to coast in the States for three months.

Move from country to country. Live abroad while working as a freelancer and building side projects.

When will I be back? Will it be a few months or a few years? Will I settle in one country or move constantly?

The answer is that I simply don’t know.

As a freelancer, I’ve been working from home for quite some time. The idea is to stay on the same course, while living in a different country. Depending on where I’ll stay, my living expenses would probably be lower (for example, I won’t be owning a vehicle).

I suspect workflow (especially from new clients) will be affected. Existing clients would probably stay on board (and I’ll probably be able to work from anywhere, using a wifi hotspot – affiliate link). What worries me more are the social and familial aspects (i.e. starting from scratch) – but that’s part of the adventure.

Living abroad was always something I wanted to experience, and as time goes by, I feel it’s getting harder for me to do this kind of thing. It’s now or never.

Exciting times are ahead.

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