A single suitcase and a violin, in the wilderness. That’s the only painting hanging in my tiny, one room AirBnB apartment I moved to a few weeks ago. I’ve stayed there as part of becoming a digital nomad and selling most of my possessions. In these past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of friends and […]

Hit The Road

End of August. Sell my car and most of my possessions. Leave the apartment. Go to Burning Man. Rent a car and travel coast to coast in the States for three months. Move from country to country. Live abroad while working as a freelancer and building side projects. When will I be back? Will it be a […]

Relative Happiness

“It was the best meal I ever had”, he told me. An overcooked schnitzel and some unsalted french fries. After three days of being trapped in a closet-sized room, with 24/7 loudspeakers preventing you from sleeping; being beaten, cursed at and threatened – even the crappiest meal tasted like heaven. My father went through army […]