Why should the Programmer be the CEO

“Focus on your main skill – you’re a programmer, so be the CTO”. That’s what I’ve been told plenty. I have no experience with marketing, sales, SEO, usability testing, etc. I’m just the tech guy.

However, I think every entrepreneur should have those skills – you can’t stay in your comfort zone and niche and say “I’ll just bring a partner for that”. Same goes the other way around – if you’re the business person, learn how to program (I’m not saying be an expert developer, but just get the basics).

So recently I’ve started working on a new venture, and in the process I’ve started learning those skills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a noob, but I think that as a technological dude this actually helps out a lot – whether it’s writing scripts for work that I would have done manually otherwise, or thinking of things that a non-techy person wouldn’t have thought of (or wouldn’t have imagined is technically possible).

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